Digital Companies that are crystal clear on their branding are more likely to make sales and retain customers. 

If making sales is important to you, knowing your brand should be too.

Building your brand is a process and it can be hard if you want to get it right. You don't want a semi-charmed kinda brand, baby! You want something else (hopefully you 90s kids get the reference?!). You want a brand that is absolutely delightful. As a firm advocate for *positivity as a practice*, I believe it's most important to focus on what makes your brand charming, exciting, and magnetizing! Once you know what makes your brand delightful, (and not to yourself, but to your customers) you'll be able to tell potentially interested parties about why your brand is for them. And you'll tell them with confidence.

Visual Reminder

When you're done, you can print out these findings. Keep this information somewhere visible to you whenever you are working on or in your business. Whenever you have trouble writing copy or planning social media, this should be the first place you look to make sure that your content matches your brand. Consistency is key when you're building your brand! So keep the reminder somewhere that you won't forget about it. 

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